Monday, April 19, 2010

truth of the matter

sylvester stalone story:-

we were staying at the hassler hotel in rome, we were in the lobby talking to the owner, when sylvester arrived with a young woman with long dark hair hanging on his arm, he stood 4 foot away from us for over 5 minutes, the owner saw this and asked if we wanted to meet him, we said ok! the owner sent his receptionist who came back saying he was really tired but would like to meet us later, but we had plans for the evening, there is a bit more to the story that happened to me later on concerning SS, but i am saving it for my book

my father first stepped foot in the uk in 1946 at the age of 16
he died when i was 14
the reason that the newsagencies coundnt find a birth certificate for him was because he never had one,
my mother and father were staying at my grandmothers just before i was born, she gave birth to me in a private clinic.
my mothers father originated from white russia, his father was jewish, his mother was christian
i am a muslim, i didnt change my religion or name for omar

the photos are not me, they were very cleverly photoshopped and subject of a police investigation in the UK.
i have worked all my life, plus i have brought up my 3 sons and had foster children, the only thing i have done wrong in my life was to drive too fast once, i have never had any connection with any arab business man other than legitimate work and that was post 2001
yes! i was married to a arab when i was in my teens through to my early 20s

the people who gave untrue information to the newspapers were lying for profit,
i never had any relationship with 2 brothers,

yes i have been married 6 times but 3 were never consumated,

my last marriage lasted 10 years, he was 17 years my junior.

i married omar on the 15 sept 2006 in an islamic ceramony, but it was legally registered on 24 august 2007

we have spent time in france, belgium, vienna, italy over the past 2 years,

omar and left egypt because we didnt feel safe there, we werent thown out, he applied for asylum in spain, we have an ongoing spanish court case against the spanish government, after 5 days omar was deported back to egypt, egypt was embarassed by the high profile press reports, and we were refused entry, thank goodness!

after over a year of travelling we finally settled early 2010.

omar has not ben banned from the uk, yes! he had a refusal, many people do! they just reapply at a later date, we will apply again in the near future, we have no problems travelling to the majority of countries in the world, omar still continues to ask for peace,

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  1. Thanks to Zaina and Omar for sharing pieces of your life on the blogosphere. Thank Allah I can come to your blog and read genuine information from you instead of the media lies. More power to you both! May Allah make this blog a success ameen.