Thursday, March 25, 2010

We are Omar and Zaina Binladin, we have never writen a blog before, so here goes,
From the day we married our lives have been somewhat traumatic, first we suffered from a variety of uncalled for and unjustified bad press, the stories were sold to the news agencies by vindictive people who lied to make money, these stories were never checked out before they were put into print, we lived in Cairo for a while but we fled Egypt , eventually finding a place to settle. Recently many of you must have read of our struggle to get the family back together, we are slowly managing one by one. We would like to thank the Press for all the help they have given us. We also have a great deal of support from so many people. Thank you to all those who care and all the kind letters and emails that you have sent to us. best wishes to you all, From omar and zaina

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