Monday, May 24, 2010

real Q 'qusay'

 Qusay,  you have never met either omar or I as you have been telling people, you must be mistaken,  it is a pity some people get so many things wrong in there blogs, not many people take time researching to find the truth, if only people would check the facts before trying to publish utter rubbish, wishing you all the best for the future,

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  1. Hi Omar & Zaina. I can honestly say that I have never read a complete book since the day I left school (which is many yrs ago).On starting to read 'Growing up Bin Laden' by Jean Sasson I found that I could not put it down.From the front cover to the back cover is full of excitement,
    saddness, happiness, heartache, breath-taking situations that you could never imagine anyone being in and yet the book explains all with mind blowing detail.Until reading the book if someone where to mention the name 'Bin Laden' I would think of Osama Bin Laden only and what happened on 9/11 but the book made me realize that HE had not only a family but a very loving family who according to the book where 'normal' people wanting to live a 'normal' life, children longing for their fathers love and attention as most of us take for granted. The read is not all terror as one would think but is explained to the average person how THEY lived and coped as Bin Laden's.I would 100% recommend this read to one and all. Alison